Important Travel Forms & Requirements for the ABC Islands and Colombia.
Requirements to travel to the ABC Islands and Colombia.
Please read all requirements and fill out and print these necessary forms and fill them out before you check-in/depart as these forms are needed to board and are requested by local authorities at your destination. 
Requirements can change without prior notice of each territory.
All territories have their own COVID-19 requirements. Please do visit these websites or ask your travel agent for more info.

The Easiest Way to Fly


Kaya Italia 1

(599) 717 1900

(599) 561 1900

Open Monday - Friday till 17.00pm



Caya G.F. (Betico) Croes 211-T

Unit 5

Phone: +297 569 1900

+57 5 693 3264 in Barranquilla.
WhatsApp +7 5 301 294 3356


Rooseveltweg 505-D

(5999) 868 1900

(5999) 560 1900

Open Monday - Friday till 17.00pm


Curaçao International Airport

(5999) 839 1234

Open Monday - Friday till 17.00pm

Open Saturday from 8.00 am till 12.00 pm

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